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Our Story

In June of 2012 our eyes were opened to the ugly reality of our industrial food and farming system after watching the documentary “Fresh” by Ana Sofia Joanes. Neither of us came from a farming background but we were instantly drawn to the idea of full time regenerative farming. We jumped headfirst...click to read more

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Do yourself and your health a favor and support this local, family-owned farm!
Mike B. Mike B.
Restoration Farms' meat is excellent and is packed in sizes that fit a variety of households. I appreciate the ability to support local farming and provide high quality meat to my family.
Mary Ellen - Roanoke, VA Mary Ellen - Roanoke, VA
Matt and Rachel are amazing people and have the best pork, chicken and lamb available anywhere!!! I only buy my meat from them and it is always delicious!!!
Mary A. - Virginia Mary A. - Virginia
I am convinced they are my go to for meat! BUY LOCAL, SUPPORT LOCAL.
Carol P. Carol P.
Just made this chicken soup and the broth tastes so much richer than from store bought chicken. Food that Restores!
Chris S. Chris S.
Top shelf product. Thanks for doing such fantastic work for our community.
Chef Nate - Roanoke, VA Chef Nate - Roanoke, VA

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March 4, 2023
It's a wonderful life...for a pastured pig at Restoration Acres!

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