Sheep that Restore

Grass-Fed + Rotationally Grazed.

Our growing sheep flock is incredibly exciting. We purchased 5 ewes with their newborn lambs in 2017 and have grown to a flock of 150+.

Herbivores are incredibly sustainable. You don't have to feed them, just move them to fresh pastures and they harvest their food themselves. While harvesting their food, they're also spreading fertilizer from their rear end right onto the field.

Rotationally grazing our sheep provides multiple benefits:

The sheep get fresh grass regularly and are moved away from their manure, keeping them nourished, healthy and robust

Mowing the grass down with the sheep builds soil and sequesters carbon. Healthy grass literally grabs carbon out of the atmosphere and pushes it down into the soil. When a sheep eats a mouthful of grass, the left behind roots die off keeping all that carbon in the ground and building more soil. When the sheep have moved on to the next pasture, the grass in the resting field grows new roots, sucking more carbon from the atmosphere, is nourished from the manure left behind from the sheep, and eventually gets mowed down again when the sheep come back, restarting the whole beautiful cycle all over again.

That's the different between grass-fed and grass-fed + rotationally grazed. We're not just producing a highly nutritious meat product, we are also healing the land, building soil, and sequestering carbon.

These are truly sheep that restore!

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