Turkeys that Restore

Freshly Pastured Turkeys.

The turkeys on our farm live the first few weeks of their lives in our brooder, protected from the elements and offered heat to stay nice and cozy until they are fully feathered and able to withstand cooler temperatures. In the brooder they get fresh bedding added regularly, along with daily fresh water and non-GMO feed. We open the brooder doors during the daytime to bring in direct sunlight, which turkey poults love to bask in.

You'll often hear people talk about how turkeys are some of the dumbest animals alive, but we've come to a different understanding of them. They are actually pretty intelligent animals, they just need a mother figure to teach them basic things at the beginning of their lives. In our case, we get several hundred at a time which means there's usually at least one who will figure out how to eat and drink and then teach the rest of the flock.

Once the turkeys are about 6-7 weeks old we move them out into our mobile shelters and move each shelter to a new spot daily. This gives them direct access to fresh pasture and helps them get used to the elements while still having shade and protection from rain. They stay in these shelters for about 3-4 weeks until they are finally moved out into a large area on pasture protected by electric feathernet fence. Once in this setting the birds get moved to a fresh spot every 4-5 days.

The constant movement into fresh pasture and away from their manure keeps our turkeys robust and healthy. They live a full life on our farm, with plenty of fresh grass, bugs to chase and eat, protection from predators, and all the sunshine they could ever want.

At harvest time, we catch each and every one by hand and process them in our on-site facility. Each bird is inspected for quality and health before ultimately heading into the cooler and eventually onto your family's table.

These are truly turkeys that restore!

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