Pigs that Restore

Our pigs are raised in a way that mimics the natural patterns found in creation.

When you visit our farm you will find a series of beneficially impacted “paddocks” (small fenced or formerly fenced sections of pasture or woods).

We move our pigs to new or rested land on a regular basis for the benefit of the animals and the land. Animals are never stagnant for very long in nature. Predators, weather, and food and water sources are all factors when it comes to how long an animal or group of animals is in one area. This movement proves beneficial for the animals' health, sustenance and safety. It also greatly benefits the earth and it's ecology.

Pigs were created with little "shovels" on the tip of their nose to aid them in digging for food and making nests. This simple act of digging, or tilling, helps loosen and aerate compacted soil and stirs up ancient seed beds which allows new plants and grasses to grow. And of course, the pig's manure feeds the worms, bugs and microbes which aids in soil building.

After 9 years and many, many pig moves we have developed a keen eye for beneficial pig impaction versus harmful or over-impaction. We have seen heavy brush laden woods and fields begin to turn into savannas and healthy pastures. The beneficial impaction from the pigs creates and enhances an array of habitats for birds and other wildlife, creates small retention ponds on contour with the land to help retain water, and feeds the soil the nutrients it needs to thrive and grow.

Allowing ample rest time for these impacted areas before bringing the pigs back to the same spot gives the land the opportunity to regenerate and grow new grasses and plants. It gives the worms, insects and microbes time to process the manure and distribute those nutrients. Any pathogens that were present will die off due to lack of hosts to live in (99% of pathogens are species specific. I.E. a pig pathogen will not infect a chicken or deer!)

These healthy, happy pigs live a fulfilled life where they are being honored for what they were created to be and do. This in turn creates sustenance for us that we can feel good about and that will give us the healthy life we need to thrive!

These are truly pigs that restore!

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