Seeking Additional Pasture to Lease

written by

Rachel Palma

posted on

January 16, 2023

Restoration Acres Beef - Coming Your Way!

We are thrilled to finally be working towards a dream we have had since our farming journey began in 2012: our very own herd of beef cattle!

As some of you long time customers may remember, we dabbled in beef during our first few years of farming. Herbivores are our passion, and something we have been wanting to increase for years.

(Pictured below are the first cows we ever bought back in 2014)

Over the past several years, we have had the pleasure of managing herds for other farmers and learning from some of the best cattle farmers.

Due to various situations at all of our farm leases and a lack of capital, we've had to delay our own beef operation and focus on poultry, hogs and sheep (which we will continue to grow as well).

But now the time has come to begin growing our own herd and producing 100% grass fed and finished Beef that Restores for our community.

But here's the catch...

We need to find additional pasture land for lease to run our beef operation!

Ideally, the pasture(s) would be within a 30 minute drive from our current farm - close enough for us to manage and care for the herd.

But we are open to hearing any and all options!

If you have pasture available, or know someone who does, please reach out to us by email or phone. Below is a short list of our ideal land needs, but again, we'd love to hear about any and all opportunities!

  • 50-100 acres of pasture
  • Within 30 minute drive of Sedalia, VA
  • Water (well, creek, pond, spring, etc. Though we are willing to discuss implementing a water source ourselves if there is not one currently)
  • Permanent fencing is a plus, but is also something we are open to installing ourselves

We are excited to restore more land with herbivores, produce another nutrient dense food for our customers, and steward another group of incredible animals.

2023 is an exciting year for Restoration Acres Farm, and we look forward to our own personal growth as well as the growth of our business and farm!

Matt & Rachel Palma & Family

Restoration Acres Farm

"Food that Restores"

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Rachel: | 434-665-4689

Matt : | 434-665-6326

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