Each of our omnivorous animals receive their own specially formulated blend of non-GMO grains and minerals which we source from a local mill using all regionally sourced, GMO free ingredients.

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Drug Free

We have never and will never use routine antibiotics in our animals. The need for routine medications indicates a huge problem in the living conditions of livestock.

Our animals live contentedly in environments that suit their created purpose. They all enjoy regular moves to fresh pasture, plenty of sunlight and fresh air, and high quality clean food and water - all factors in maintaining vibrant health on the farm.

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Freshly Pastured

All of our animals are moved to fresh pasture on a regular basis.

Our broiler chickens move daily.

Our feeder pigs move every 1-2 weeks.

Our turkeys move every 3-5 days.

This nature-mimicking movement of the animals accomplishes several things:

Moves animals away from their manure

Provides ample fresh greenery for their diet

Allows for critical rest periods for the land

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